Post Conference Workshop

Designing Modeling Activities for K-12 STEM Education

How can we support and study the development of scientific, mathematical and engineering modeling practices in K-12 classrooms through the design of learning ecologies?

In this workshop, we will explore how the design of such learning ecologies includes making informed bets about STEM practices that can be robustly and fruitfully approximated in classrooms. These commitments are accompanied by conjectures about (a) how these practices interact to develop new knowledge, (b) the kinds of tasks and means of articulation that will support this hypothetical development, and (c) how to establish and maintain settings in which children can participate in both the production and critique of these emerging concepts and practices.

We will introduce participants to a few different examples of modeling activities that involve a range of modalities such as embodied, physical and computational modeling, organized around a central theme: the design of mathematical measures. We will also explore a few different phenomena and topics in physics, biology and engineering design. Participants will work in small group sessions to engage in these activities by role-playing as learners, designers and researchers, and develop their own adaptations, modifications and innovations of the activities.

Date & Time: 7th January, 2020 (Tuesday) from 1000-1530hrs

Applications open till: 30th December, 2019 (Monday)

For any further details, contact:
Dr. Deepa Chari (Reader, HBCSE-TIFR)

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